Blackinton Partnership

Eagle Engraving has a long and successful partnership with Blackinton. The combined knowledge, passion, and dedication of our companies will ensure you get the perfect product every time.

Enamel Commendation Bars, Commendation Ribbons, and Metal Slide Holders

We are proud to sell Blackinton's Recognition series Commendation bars. These quality metallic commendation bars are made with durable, richly colored enamel backgrounds.

Used in conjunction with slide holders (sold separately) these bars will command everyone's attention and display the wearer's dedication and service to their organization at a glance. The Slide Bar System allows perfectly aligned award bars with a minimal amount of clutch backs to be displayed on uniforms for law enforcement, firefighters, EMS and military.

As you can see below, these slide holders are soldered together to prevent awkward misalignment.

Blackinton Medals

We also offer Blackinton medals. Available in Hi-Glo gold and Rho-Glo rhodium, these medals are stylish and highly customizable. We offer a variety of medals well suited to recognizing exemplary individuals of all sorts.

MABAS Enamel Commendation Bar

The Humanitarian Service Award medal is issued by MABAS-ILLINOIS and as such this special commendation bar should only be ordered by those receiving this honor.

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Our quality insignia and tie bars let you show the world you take pride in your department. With the range of styles and colors offered in our Custom Collar Creator, designing high-quality, easily readable insignias is easier than ever.

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Why present Medals & Commendation Bars?

In the service of any organization, people accomplish great deeds, often going above and beyond the call of duty. When an individual puts their heart and soul into their job, nothing feels better than to be recognized. These products are designed to memorialize their efforts and make them stand out just like they deserve.

We strive to provide a distinguished way to recognize the courage, heroism, pride and dedication to serve and inspire ongoing excellence.

A couple of notes about billing and shipping

Our billing process involves billing departments directly; for individual orders, we will contact you concerning payment. While does not automatically process credit card orders, we're glad to accept credit cards as a payment option when we contact you directly. Rush orders will only be accepted under special circumstances. If you have a rush order, please check the appropriate box on your order and we will contact you to see how soon we can get the order for you.

Do you have a very large order? We offer FREE shipping on orders of $750 or more!

Using Blackinton's Citation Bars & Medals in an Award Plan

If you are looking for a framework for your organization's award plan, please check out our Commendation Plan. This plan outlines many ways to celebrate achievements within your department, specialized for the firefighters. We are working to develop other commendation plans, and will offer them to you as soon as possible.

When designing a custom bar or medal, use our "purpose" section to keep a record of the reason for presenting your award of choice.