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I understand this is a custom bar and is non-refundable.
We do not offer refunds on Commendation Bars but if your order has an issue, please feel free to contact us.
I understand this product may take additional time (typically 7-12 weeks) to manufacture.
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Commendation Bars all come standard with a single clutch-back slide holder. If you do not need a single slide holder, you will receive NO way to attach the bar unless you order a supplementary slide bar holder or use one you already own.


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All commendation bars are available in Blackinton's Hi-Glo gold as well as rhodium.

Hi-Glo Gold
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Measurements Shipment

Our commendation bars measure 1 3/8" wide by 3/8" tall by default, but other sizes are available by request. Please call or email for details!

For orders less than $50, shipping is $5.95.
For orders $50 - $750, shipping is $11.95.
For orders more than $750, shipping is free!

While we provide a lot of options to customize your commendation bars, Blackinton can accommodate much more than we're able to show you through this section. If you have any ideas that cannot be represented with this customizer, e-mail us and we'll see what we can do!