Looking to get a unique commendation bar for a special occasion? Many bars have an LS version that allows you to customize not only the enamel color, but engrave text and images as well. Adding text or an image to an LS bar is $12.70 above the standard price of the non LS version, for a total of $23.00 for gold, and $23.00 for rhodium.

Please note that if you simply want to change the enamel colors, you don't need to get an LS bar! Standard bars are cheaper and the enamel can still be customized.

LS Commendation Bars

Custom Images

HOW TO SUBMIT ARTWORK: E-Mail an attachment to We will notify you if the submitted artwork is unacceptable. Click here for our mailing address.
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Orders of 40+ custom bars will require a die setup charge as detailed below.

Bars can be engraved with these images:

A one-time DIE CHARGE of up to $200.00 is required for any new design (except text-only customizations). We will notify you in advance if your artwork requires an additional charge or an extended time frame.